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Barbados Police Co-operative Credit Union offers personal loans in small or large amounts. We meet with you to determine the purpose for the loan, your credit history, what interest rate we can offer you, and the amount you can be approved for. Whether you want to take a vacation, start a business, or need some extra money to cover an emergency, we can help.
Getting a degree has never been more important than it is today. Our financial experts have helped individuals get any type of degree from a certificate to a doctorate degree. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate ready to attend college or an adult who wants to go back to school, Barbados Police Co-operative Credit Union will get you the loans you need to get your degree.

For purchasing a home or investing in property as an agent or landlord, we offer real estate loans. We will work with you to come up with customized terms that work with your budget and meet your goals.

If you’re tired of public transportation, need a new car, or want to upgrade your vehicle, we offer automotive loans to get you in the new car you’ve always wanted. Our financial advisors can get almost everyone approved.
Improvements on your home increase the resale value. There also may come a time during homeownership where necessary repairs must be made to maintain the level of comfort and safety needed in your home. That’s why we offer home improvement loans for anything from remodeling your bathroom to installing a more energy efficient furnace. With affordable monthly payments, you get that home improvement project completed.